New Year’s Plans

New Year's Plans

Shreya Madan, Staff Reporter

With a three week long Winter Break, the students at Hidden Valley plan to make the most of Christmas and New Year. Many people enjoy staying up late on New Year’s Eve with family and friends. Multiple families have different ways of celebrating, but all of them promise a fun and exciting night.

“I celebrate New Year’s Eve by having a sleepover with my friends,” shared Ann Marie Thorell, (9).

There are some students that don’t stay awake until midnight, but most people find it enjoyable to stay up with friends and family all gathered together.

“We stay up until midnight every year,” Thorell added, “That’s my favorite part about New Year’s Eve!”

Some people have actually gone to see the ball drop live in New York City, Times Square, but most stay home and watch it on television.

“We watch the ball drop at home every year and the performances that take place before the ball drops,” she mentioned.

A multitude of families also have special traditions, foods, or drinks that they make every year.

“We drink Shirley Temples every New Year’s,” Thorell said, “It’s like a cherry soda.”

Overall, New Year’s Eve is always a blast with the exciting countdown and refreshing drinks. Everyone appreciates celebrating with loved ones and having fun. New Year’s Eve is a great time to prepare New Year’s resolutions and have an enjoyable night.