Last minute Christmas gifts

Portrait Of Happy Santa Claus With Hands On Stomach

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Portrait Of Happy Santa Claus With Hands On Stomach

Madison West, Reporter

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Now that we’ve entered the holiday season it’s time to start wrapping your gifts for those special people in your life, slap the red bow and name tag on top and throw it under the tree. Heck, maybe even use that quirky wrapping paper they have at T.J. Maxx to step up your wrapping game. But as expected from a high school student, you’ve procrastinated and haven’t even started shopping and now it’s a little too late. Panicked, you hurry around the house searching for something; anything that looks unused preferably. A red Nike sweatshirt. It smells pretty clean so you fold it into a box, wrap it, and slap a label on it for your girlfriend. A slightly used Virginia Tech football for dad since he’s a diehard fan. A half-used iTunes gift card for your favorite little sister. After about an hour of scavenging the house, every significant person now has a gift under the tree. They may not have been the best, but hey, it’s the thought that counts.