Drumstick Dash

Shreya Madan, Staff Reporter

The Drumstick Dash is an annual running/walking event that happens in Downtown Roanoke. The dash has taken place eleven times in Roanoke, with many more to come. People that register to run or walk pay a fee, which goes to the Rescue Mission, and they provide meals for the less fortunate. $1.9 million dollars have been raised for the Rescue Mission ever since this event first started. Around 15,000 people participate in their state every year and this year 16 states in the US are ‘dashing’.

“I like to participate in the Drumstick Dash because my family does it every year, it is a lot of fun, and it supports a good cause by providing food to those in need,” said Lilly Morgan, a freshman at Hidden Valley High, who is participating in the Dash.

Another aspect of the Drumstick Dash that most find enjoyable is running alongside of friends and family.

“I usually take part in the Dash with my cousins, siblings, aunts, uncles, and parents,” Morgan shared.

Since the Drumstick Dash is an annual event, many people have participated in it multiple times. Morgan still has all of the shirts the Drumstick Dash provides from every year she took part in the event.

“I’ve done the event for six or seven years,” she recalled.

In the Drumstick Dash, participants are given the option of running or walking the three miles. The runners are grouped in front of the starting line with the walkers right behind them. Runners start first and the walkers follow afterwards.

“My family and I are runners every year because we find it more challenging and fun. It’s also good exercise for all of us,” mentioned Morgan.

Overall, the Drumstick Dash is a fun, family friendly event that supports a good cause. The event is taking place on Thursday, November 28th, so be sure to take part in the Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving morning!