Rain Bowl Review

Mattie Miller, Reporter

In early September, the Forum Shopping Center welcomed a new addition to its storefront, a restaurant called Rain Bowl. Rain Bowl is a Poke restaurant with Asian and American influences. As I entered the building I was greeted with a friendly, “Welcome to Rain Bowl!” from the staff members. The menu seemed overwhelming at first but with a staff member’s help I decided on the teriyaki chicken bowl.  

The teriyaki chicken bowl comes with soba noodles and white rice being the bases, teriyaki chicken as the protein, broccoli, green beans, bean sprouts, cucumbers, pineapple, teriyaki dressing, and fried onions on top. The portion of the teriyaki chicken was enough to fill me up and eat as leftovers the next day.  

Overall, I enjoyed the eclectic dining environment and the fresh food. I highly recommend eating at Rain Bowl for people who have adventurous taste buds.