Gift ideas

Gift ideas

Julia Brown, Reporter

As Christmas approaches faster and faster each year, sometimes it is difficult to think of gift ideas for family and friends. Trying to think of gifts that you have not given in previous years and something they will enjoy can be a challenge. As much as people like receiving gifts that may be expensive, it also means a lot to receive a thoughtful and creative gift. Even though these gifts are usually cheap, they take time to make and are just as appreciated.

The first gift idea is very cheap and easy, but super cute. All you need is ribbon, scrabble pieces, glue, scissors, and wood. The final product is a Christmas ornament with the name of the person receiving it or a word that means something to them. Take the name of the person with scrabble letters, glue them to the piece of wood, and tie the ribbon around the top. It is that simple.

The second gift idea is for a large group such as a sports team or a class because it is easy to make a bunch of them. This gift is a candy sled. All that is needed is a bunch of candy and candy canes. To make the top of the sled, glue all of the candy together and tie it with a ribbon. At the bottom of the sled, glue the two candy canes.

The last gift is a stocking filled with goodies they love. Buy a stocking and add whatever they like. Some ideas to add to the stocking are candy, headphones, fuzzy socks, movies, nail polish, or gift cards. To make this one more thoughtful, take pieces of paper and write on them reasons why they are loved. This stocking can be made simple or over the top depending on what is put inside the stocking.

All of these Christmas gift ideas are affordable and straightforward, as being a teenager comes with not having a lot of money. When buying more than one gift for a person, it can become expensive. So finding ways around spending a lot of money, but still making something appreciative, is the best gift one can receive. Of course expensive gifts are the best, but nothing beats a creative, thoughtful gift during the holiday season.