Thanksgiving Break Plans

Shreya Madan, Staff Reporter

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The students of Hidden Valley High school are excited for the upcoming Thanksgiving break. Many students plan to spend their break relaxing, gathering with friends and family, eating food, and finishing homework. The additional two days off for Thanksgiving break are going to be made the most of by many students, one of those being Lilly Morgan, a freshmen at Hidden Valley High.

“I celebrate Thanksgiving by running the Turkey Trot and eating lots of food,” she shared, “the Turkey Trot is a public occasion which can be a competitive footrace or a fun walking/running event,” said Morgan.

Morgan also talked about her many favorite Thanksgiving foods that she loves eating every year.

“My favorite Thanksgiving foods are turkey and bread, my family and I like to prepare a meal including these foods every year.”

Visiting with family is another enjoyable aspect of Thanksgiving break for many students.

“My favorite thing about Thanksgiving break is seeing all my family, I usually celebrate with my aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and friends,” mentioned Morgan.

Since Thanksgiving break is four days long, it is a great opportunity for many families to travel.

“I’m going to be spending most of my break at my cousin’s house which is right outside of D.C.,” she explained, “It’s a tradition in my family to spend our Thanksgiving break at my cousins house.”

Overall, Thanksgiving break is a nice change from school and provides time for everyone to relax and spend time with family.