First Hall vs. Main Street



Natalie Sowers, Staff Reporter

You’ve heard of West Coast versus East Coast rap, but here at Hidden Valley High School, we have three young rappers battling to make it into a competitive industry.  Baby “G”, Big Guapo, and Trey, da Stunna all enjoy making music, but also feed on the rivalry they have with one another to be the rap king of the school’s hallways. 

“I feel like I’m the best rapper at this school, because I’m more than just a rapper, I sing too,” said Gage Nash, Grade 11, AKA Baby “G”.  He got into rap because of his Dad’s love of music.  In fact, he has an advantage of having a studio in his house.  “I make most of my music in my Dad’s studio, where he is into recording rock music,” said Baby “G”. 

Harman Kanda, Grade 10, AKA Big Guapo, has to pay for his studio time, “It costs $60 dollars every time I go to the studio, and I am lucky enough to have parents who support me.”  Furthermore, there are other costs associated with making a track.  “I have to pay engineers for the beats I get,” said Big Guapo.  After receiving the beats, he adds the lyrics to the music.  

For Big Guapo, rap has become a way to channel positive energy.  “Kids made fun of me for being large, so I took that negative and turned it into a positive by calling myself Big Guapo,” said Big Guapo.  The “Guapo in his name comes from the slang term “guap”, meaning money.  The “o” is just added to make it sound better.  “My stuff is about to drop on all platforms, so I’ll be making money soon,” said Big Guapo. 

Unlike Baby “G” and Big Guapo, Trey, da Stunna is delving into making his own music.  “I used to pay for beats, but right now I am trying to be open minded and more creative in making my own beats,” said Robert Lewis, Grade 11, AKA Trey, da Stunna.  “Throughout the day, I see random things that give me inspiration and I just right down lyrics.   

As for the rivalry, Trey, da Stunna said, “We had our little dis and thing, but I definitely think the other two are more professional, and we are all trying to do our own creative thing; I’m just trying to be different.” 

Baby “G” takes his work very seriously and has created a whole album that you can find on various platforms.  “I’ve created a whole album, Take Warning, which features “Trust Issues” my song that is on Apple Music, Spotify, all over the internet,” said Baby “G”.  

Big Guapo has several songs on Sound Cloud, but he is also looking forward to traveling to New York to feature in a showcase.  “I’ll be  in a show called Coast to Coast Live in Brooklyn, where I hope to make some prize money and also perform in front of big people in the rap industry like “Diddy” and his engineer,” said Big Guapo.  If he finishes in the top five in this competition on January 18, 2020, he will have chance to compete for $50,000 in Miami.  “I hope to make money, because my family has worked hard to move us out of a rough area of Roanoke where there were shootings and stuff; I guess that is why I’m motivated,” said Big Guapo.