Nashville Night in Buchanan

Stage at Nashville Nigh in Buchanan

Stage at Nashville Nigh in Buchanan

Julia Brown, Reporter

On September 28, 2019, the annual Nashville Night in Buchanan was held. This was the 9th annual Nashville Night in Buchanan. The night was full of music and jokes. Old Dominion’s lead singer, Matthew Ramsey, started this event in his hometown of Buchanan, Virginia.

Matthew Ramsey attended James River High School and his dream was to become a rock star. Later in his life, he went to Nashville to try and become known, but it was not working for him. His dad and mom ran the food pantry in Buchanan and they were struggling to find enough money for the food. Ramsey suggested to come back and sing for a night to make donations to help pay for the food. His parents loved this idea.

The first time this event was held in 2011 it was in a small theatre in Buchanan that only seated 200 people. As it grew, it moved to the auditorium of James River High School seating 500 people. Now, it is held in the gymnasium at the school which holds 1,500 people.

As the event became more and more popular there was too much food for the pantry. Ramsey wanted to continue playing for his hometown, so he created the Ramsey Foundation. The Ramsey Foundation provides resources to organizations in rural communities. All the proceeds from the show are donated to the Ramsey Foundation.

The event stared three Old Dominion singers Matthew Ramsey, Trevor Rosen, and Brad Tursi. Along with songwriters Josh Osbourne, Shane McAnally, and Matt Jenkins. They would go one at a time singing a song that they wrote. The songs were all well-known songs. They sang Setting the World on Fire, No Such Thing as a Broken Heart, Save it for a Rainy Day, etc. In between songs they would share funny stories that involved other famous country singers. At the end of the show, the whole Old Dominion band came out as a surprise and sang three of their most popular songs.

This was my first time going to Nashville Night in Buchanan and it will not be my last. I had such a fun night listening to songs that I love and hearing funny stories that I would have never heard. I highly recommend this event to others and I cannot wait to go back next year.