Barn Bash gone wrong

The flyer for the Barn Bash Event.

The flyer for the Barn Bash Event.

Farah Iqbal, Editor

Barn Bash was held as an event for local bands to play their music for people of all ages to come listen and show their Halloween spirit. Although it might’ve been an unexpected turn of events, putting on our Halloween costumes and getting to see friends was still enjoyable.

The night started out with my friends and I, Anna, Mattie, and Sophia putting on our makeup and costumes, and leaving the house to 100 Westside drive, a spot by the river in Salem.

“I wanted to be something different for Halloween, so I went with, my idol, Darth Vader.” Said Anna Bashore (12).

When we got there, there was a band introduction, and the band Epsilon played. We saw people dressed as all sorts of fictional characters and other traditional costumes. We stayed for a while and talked to people, then we went to go get dinner.

“Although the night didn’t work out the way we intended, it still ended perfectly.” said Bashore.

When we reentered the scene, the band we intended to see play, the Snapping Turtlenecks, started playing a new hit, but as they were in the middle of the song, the police came and gave a warning that people were partaking in the use of illegal substances. This is when we gave up on our fun and headed out.

Although we may consider our night partially a bust, we still enjoyed our time together and had fun. We got to spend quality time with each other and that is what matters most.