Student Life

Natalie Sowers, Staff Reporter

Touchdown! Imagine our players racing across the grass, carrying the ball to the end zone while everyone sits on the edge of their seats with baited breath. But what makes this even better? The themes, of course!

“When picking a theme for the football games, we have tradition in mind and what everyone would enjoy. What our fellow students think and want matters to us, we want the football games to be fun and exciting, but also true to Hidden Valley,” said Ben Page, Grade Twelve.

To ensure that everyone has fun at these terrific events both Ben Page and Andrew Smith (President of the Senior Class) bounce ideas off of each other, and as Ben said; “The students are our focus.”

Of course, there must be boundaries, making sure that the other team isn’t disrespected is important and shows just how much HVHS cares for everyone.

“It’s important to keep out any inappropriate ideas and keep everyone on track, we aren’t here to mock the other team, we’re here to have fun,” said Mr. Deeds, Athletic Director at HVHS.

The next home game is October 25 versus Blacksburg.  The theme will be “Pink Out” in honor of breast cancer awareness month.  Come out and support the Titans.