Natalie Sowers, Staff Reporter

Every day, someone in the world is being saved by a doctor that works to help the sick and injured alike. Vaccines are just one form of this help, and the impact it has on everyone’s lives, students and adults alike, is tremendous.

“I think that getting your vaccines is extremely important, there are many diseases that they are protecting us from and it is an amazing technology that we often take for granted,” said Mrs. Blankenship, Science Teacher at HVHS.

Vaccines introduce a weakened version of the disease to your bloodstream and your body reacts by making antibodies. These antibodies attack and destroy the weakened version of the disease like how they would the full disease. Once they’re finished, they stay in your bloodstream and wait in case the disease ever tried to attack you again. This means you become immune, because your own body has been trained to protect you from the disease.

“We have been seeing a resurgence of certain diseases like measles that could be connected with the growing anti-vaccers,” said Mrs. Blankenship.

CDC(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has spoken on this too, saying that doctors have noticed a spike in Varicella and Chicken Pox, even in vaccinated schools. Although they are smaller outbreaks and last a much less amount of time, saying that the children with two doses of Varicella vaccine helped the children’s immune systems fight the disease much better.

“I worry about the non-vaccinated kids, and there are horrendous diseases, like the measles that they can easily contract. They aren’t protected, and being in places like schools makes it even easier for them to catch these diseases because they are in such close proximity to everyone and our germs,” said Mrs. Shores, School Nurse at HVHS.

In the end, the choice to vaccinate parents’ kids is up to them. However, being educated on the matter and understanding all of the details is important for the parents’ and kids’ health.