Mario Kart


Shreya Madan, Staff Reporter

Mario Kart is a popular video game being played by many students (and possibly teachers) at Hidden Valley High School. It is a go cart racing game that involves players taking control of one of the eight Mario characters, and racing karts that have a Mario franchise theme around the tracks. The goal of the game is to finish ahead of other racers.

The first series was launched in 1992 and was called Super Mario Kart. Over time the game has evolved with several different series having been released. Mario Kart features single and multiplayer modes.

“I really like the game because when you race people it is competitive, but also fun at the same time,” said Sifti Panesar, a student at Hidden Valley High.

Mario Kart is not only played at school, but some students enjoy it so much they find time to play at home as well.

“I play Mario Kart at home when I’m trying to pass time and during the school day when I have nothing else to do,” shared Sifti, “the graphics are really good and up to date making the game very enjoyable.”

Mario Kart is free, which makes it even more common at Hidden Valley High. The game has different features, one being the use of various power up items. These can be gained by driving into item boxes that are spread out on the course. The game also has many other unique aspects to it that students like.

“My favorite part about Mario Kart is that you can add people and see what rank they are, and compare that to your rank,” mentioned Sifti.

Even though Mario Kart is a fun pastime, it can become a distraction for students during school hours.

“There are some kids that are playing Mario Kart during the time we are supposed to be working on an assignment or while the teacher is talking,” noted Sifi, “I think kids should limit themselves on how much they play and when they play.”

Overall, Mario Kart is a fun, enjoyable, competitive, and exciting game that students all around Hidden Valley enjoy playing in their free time. Students should just minimize their playing time and put the game away during classes.