VHSL One Act

VHSL One Act

Shreya Madan, Staff Reporter

VHSL One Act is a Theater Competition that Hidden Valley has not participated in for several years. This year however, Joe Kavanaugh, the theater coach at Hidden Valley High School, is going to change that. The Virginia High School League has a one act competition every year in the fall and schools can choose to participate in a one act play. It is an all-day event in which each school has 45 minutes to get on stage, set up for the play, perform the play, and get off stage. This year, the event is at Christiansburg High School on November 5th and there are eight schools participating.

“Our act’s name is, First Vampire in Toronto,” said Mr. Kavanaugh, “it’s a comedy that involves an interview with a member of the Royal Canadian Police and a Vampire, who has been frozen in ice for 900 years, and has now thawed out. The Vampire wants to become a Canadian citizen! While this is happening there are many flashback type scenes that occur, relating to the story.”

There are many unique aspects to the play making it even more funny and interesting.

“In our act, there is also a lot of breaking the fourth wall,” mentioned Mr. Kavanugh, “this means the characters realize they are in a play and that makes them somewhat sarcastic. They address the audience in roundabout ways.”

Mr. Kavanaugh would also like for the students, staff, and parents at Hidden Valley to see the students perform, so the play might happen at Hidden Valley as well.

“I believe it is important to give actors as many opportunities as possible to be on stage, perform, and just practice their art,” he shared, “We are very excited for VHSL one act this year and a possibility of conducting a musical at Hidden Valley during the second semester!”

The one act competition at Christiansburg High School is open to all audiences on November 5th, so go out and support Hidden Valley.