School Spirit Week


Shreya Madan, Staff Reporter

A multitude of colorful, bizarre, and tacky outfits filled the school during spirit week at Hidden Valley High School. Many students and staff dressed up for all of the theme days.

Monday was ‘Homeland Day’, students had the opportunity to dress in ways that represent the country they were from. Tuesday was ‘Home Away From Home.’ Titans dressed up as tourists; Hawaiian shirts and binoculars were the most common items. Wednesday was, ‘Where Are Your Homies At?’ People dressed as their favorite duo or set of twins. Thursday was, ‘Show Your Country or Rock Star Side.’ Hidden Valley was brimming with plaids shirts and leather jackets. Finally, Friday was ‘Extreme Blue and Gold Day.’ Underclassmen dressed in navy blue, while upperclassmen wore gold.

“The Titan Council students picked the themes for the different spirit days this year,” said Haley Atkins, the organizer of school spirit week and other homecoming activities, “I had to approve these themes and make sure they met school guidelines.”

Spirit week has continued at Hidden Valley for a very long time. “The Spirit week tradition has been at Hidden Valley High for almost 12 to 15 years!” shared Mrs. Atkins.

Many students enjoyed the fun themes for spirit week. “For USA Day I wore a white shirt with red and blue paint,” recounted Ann Marie Thorell, a freshman at Hidden Valley High School, “I dressed up for two of the spirit days that week.”

“My favorite day was definitely Extreme Blue and Gold Day because I like wearing HV spirit gear,” she added, “I think participating in spirit week is a great way to show school pride and have a great time!”