Prom and After Prom


Symphony Jackson, Reporter

March 30th, 2019, is a day that I will always remember for the rest of my life and all of the recognition goes to Mr. Nathan Hunt, Mrs. Brittney Penn, Mrs. Kim Irvin, and Ms. Haley Atkins. The venue was beautiful with sparkling lights, draped jewels, great music, and even better refreshments.

The theme of the prom was The Great Gatsby and you could tell as soon as you walked through the door. Everyone was laughing, dancing and having great time. Laughs and smiles were heard and seen all around. Hugs and handshakes were being given as students greeted their friends dresses swayed across the floor while tuxes and suits looked as fresh as could be.

As the doors to prom closed the doors to after prom opened and people changed from dresses and tuxes to t-shirts and flip flops. Air brushed tattoos, laser tag, and life sized connect 4 were just a few things that after prom had. Food and raffles had many in a whirlwind hoping to win a prize. When the night ended, everyone went home after a great night with new memories to share.