Grading Schedule Change


The grading schedule has changed this year.

Natalie Sowers, Staff Reporter

Snowflakes, hot chocolate, and stressful, late nights while trying to get your grades up completely. Ah, winter break sounds lovely right about now. These new schedules and such have many of us going nuts to try and get everything done right this second.

Although it’s nice to be able to relax during the break and just enjoy the snow and your new gifts, a lot of us rely on the break to make up all of our work. Normally about one or two weeks is enough time to get a huge portion of that mile of homework you have sitting in your bookbag done.

There are benefits and disadvantages to having the schedule changed to the way that it is, but it is nice to remember that the next year will be much better than this one. We will not complain if another snow storm comes through, however.