2018 Review

Natalie Sowers, Staff Writer

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2018 was a very lengthy and drawn out year. So much happened that lots of us couldn’t keep track while others did their absolute best to remember each and every moment. Whether that was with their families or in the ocean of people all around the world, every second was special.

“When my granddaughter began to speak and started calling me Grammy, I’d say that was the most memorable thing that happened for me this year,” said Mrs. Martha Wade, who teaches algebra and geometry.

Many people have made a huge impact on the world throughout 2018, some bad and some good. Although the election is now old news, President Trump still manages to make waves in the already hectic pool of our modern media. Much of this being controversial to the public on a daily basis.

“I think we chose the wrong president, I don’t like the way he runs things,” said Trista Glenn (11).

A lot of people have traveled around during 2018, it’s always nice to get out of the area and just submerse yourself in unfamiliar surroundings. A few people have even left the country for vacation!

“We all went to the Bahamas, it was a good change in scenery so that was nice,” said Glenn (11).

It’s hard to stay optimistic when so much is going on around the world. Students are just as affected by what’s happening as adults are. Many decide that school isn’t worth it and that they’d rather get a regular job to help pay bills. Quite a few people believe that there needs to be a change in direction, and soon.

“I see students becoming less and less invested in school; to me they seem really worried about the future and what’s to come,” said Mrs. Wade.

Much has happened this year, some good and some not so good. There is always room for improvement however so let’s all keep our chins up and move forward to make 2019 the best year we can possibly make it to be.