The seniors rushing at the juniors.

Philip Smith, Staff Reporter

Every year Hidden Valley High School has a flag football game between junior and senior girls on the Sunday before Homecoming.  It is an exciting time, with many girls eager to get out on the field and play some football.

“I played in Powderpuff last year and I wanted to do it again because it’s so much fun. All your teammates cheer and hype up the players on the field,” said Avery Pearson (12).

This year it was quite the exciting game, with the seniors pulling off a goal line stand as time expired to win the game 14-8. The offense ran the ball very effectively, scoring two rushing touchdowns.

It was not easy though, with the juniors putting up a valiant effort. They used their speed to make big plays, and managed to stop the seniors several times. In the end though, late turnovers cost them the game, fumbling twice inside the last ten minutes of the game.

The seniors clearly had respect for this junior team, and are proud of their hard-fought victory.

“Honestly us winning the game was luck. The juniors had more skill and organization, but we had more numbers and luck on our side,” said Pearson (12).

With Powderpuff having another great showing, you can expect a lot of participants in the coming years.