The New Janitors

An example of a messy classroom in Hidden Valley High School.

An example of a messy classroom in Hidden Valley High School.

Sophie DiFrancesco, Staff Reporter

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At Hidden Valley High School, as most students know, a new janitorial staff was recently hired by the county. Over the past few months, there has been a noticeable difference in the cleanliness throughout the school which can only be attributed to the new staff. Large pieces of trash and stains cover the classroom floors and hallways causing the entire environment of the high school to just feel dirty.

The new cleaning company Roanoke County Public Schools hired is Cleaning Services Group, INC., which is a nation-wide full-service cleaning and maintenance commercial company. The company is has been a leader in janitorial services since 1992 and work with companies such as Whole Foods Market, Kroger, Ruby Tuesday, Rite Aid, and most notably, Yale University. The cleaning group’s website attributes their success to hiring the right people, using the most productive equipment for the job, and quality control systems that provide responsive and reliable service every time. Which begs the question, is Hidden Valley High School just not getting the right workers or is Hidden Valley not important enough to receive the right workers?

The new policy is that all chairs must be stacked on the tables in order to receive cleaning services in each classroom, but there was never a school wide email about the policy or anything informing teachers that it was required. Once teachers started to figure out they had to stack the chairs on the desk in order to receive services, classrooms started looking cleaner but not to the satisfactory that it should be in a public school. There is still large pieces of trash and stains on the floor and large pieces of trash left on tables and chairs. Even if students should be responsible to clean their own trash up, the job is ultimately left up to the janitors who are  being  paid to do it.

`           If the cleanliness of the school didn’t directly impact students, then maybe a messy school would be acceptable, but having a dirty classroom can affect the productivity of each of the students at Hidden Valley. No one wants to work in a messy environment, especially ones where a person has to avoid stepping in certain places in order to not have their foot stick to the floors.  It is extremely hard to work separately on your assigned topic when you have to keep pushing away from your area a half empty bottle used by who knows who.

Coming to the end of this school year, a clean school is most likely not in the near future, but maybe next year we will have a clean school and better classrooms in order to further help Hidden valleys students and staff.

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