Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation Week was May 7-11, 2018.

Teacher Appreciation Week was May 7-11, 2018.

Aaliyah Tribble, Reporter

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Every year, the first full week in May is associated with National Teachers week, also known as Teacher Appreciation week. Across the nation, teachers everywhere are given many perks during this week, and are thanked a plethora of times.

Here at Hidden Valley, teachers are given several gifts during this week. The most common include special treats in the teacher’s lounge and gifts from students.

Ali Kurpe (10) makes a special point to thank teachers during this week. “I usually bring my teachers a little something so as to show them that I care about what they are doing.”

Teachers do a tremendous amount of work for their students, spending lots of time outside of the classroom preparing for their classes. Most of the time, however, their efforts go unappreciated.

Stephanie Burris, 3rd grade teacher at Cave Spring Elementary, said that her students are usually under appreciative. “I mean there’s always a few who give thanks, which makes it all worth it. But usually I don’t get very much thanks for my efforts. If anything, I get complaints about the assignment.”

Having times in the year where students can (and maybe even expected) to show their thanks to teachers helps teachers to feel a little more appreciated and valued.

“At my school, we have this thing where every teacher fills out an info sheet about themselves, like what they like to eat, what their favorite color is, and different things like that. Then we make those available to the students so they can give the most appropriate gift to their teacher,” said Stephanie Burris.

Many students feel that teachers are not appreciated enough, and several of them choose to show them that they care on this week.

Laura Phillips (10) said “I think that it’s important for teachers to be recognized for their efforts, because even though we don’t always like what assignments they give us, the point is that they’re trying, and that should be worth our thanks. I don’t really go all out for teacher appreciation week or anything, but I do try to make sure that my teachers know that I appreciate all they have done.”

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