Spring Choir Concert Review

Hidden Valley choir performed many songs at the concert.

Hidden Valley choir performed many songs at the concert.

Ava Wagner, Reporter

The spring choir concert was recently hosted at Hidden Valley High School in the auditorium. This was the second concert of the year, the first taking place during fall.

These concerts are unique because the high school choir combines with the middle school choir to put on a performance that lasts about two hours. Hidden Valley Middle School has a choir for sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. All three classes perform separately beginning with three songs sung by the sixth grade choir.

After the middle school choirs perform, the high school choir takes the stage. Unlike the middle school where the grades are separate, the high school choir is a large group combination of all four grades. They sing about six songs during each concert.

A variety of music is performed between both choirs. The music choices usually have themes that pertain to the time of year that the concert takes place. The spring concert consisted of several songs that had the feel of springtime.

The concert was enjoyable to watch because the audience could see a progression from the sixth grade choir up to the high school choir. Individuals from each choir had solo performances to go along with one or two songs. Even the soloists as young as sixth grade had noticeable vocal talent.

I really enjoyed seeing the concert because boys and girls from ages eleven to eighteen had the chance to show off their talents. I thought the concert was very well organized and a great evening program to go see.

Combining the two school choir programs for concerts draws in a larger audience and promotes the arts. I think it is a good opportunity for the middle and high school choirs because they can learn from each other. High school choir students have the opportunity to be a role model for the younger kids.

Both middle and high school choirs put on an impressive show. It was a remarkable concert overall that seemed to have a very good turnout.