The History of Pickleball

People playing pickleball

People playing pickleball

Haylee Furrow, Reporter

Pickleball is an American sport that was created in Bainbridge, Washington in 1965.  

This infamous sport is a two-four player game where you hit the ball back and forth over a net; pickleball can be played with either a racket or a paddle.  

“Pickleball is one of my favorite sports to play, it is a mix of badminton and tennis which are my favorite sports!” says Amayah Clarke, an eleventh grader at Hidden Valley High School. 

Pickleball has been around for roughly sixty years and has been quite a popular sport over the years for all age groups due to its beginner friendly playstyle. 

“Honestly, the main reason I love playing pickleball is because of how easy it is to pick up,” says Gabby Purviance, a student at Hidden Valley High School. 

Although there is few Oppurtunites to play for a rec team, you can play at school or at parks. 

Many people might call pickleball a boring sport due to its slow nature, but the best thing about pickleball is that you can play it aggressively and non-aggressively, you can play it however you please! 

“The one thing I love about pickleball is how I could play it with my grandma and then the next game play it with my best friend,” Gabby Purviance an eleventh grader says.  

Pickleball is a game that can be played by everyone, which is why people should try it out no matter how old or how young!