The bounce back of volleyball

Hidden Valleys volley ball team

Hidden Valley’s volley ball team

Haylee Furrow, reporter

Hidden Valley’s volleyball team just started their new 2022 season at Hidden Valley high school. 

The Lady Titan’s new season has started out in the right direction, collecting win after win. Hidden Valley’s volleyball team is on track to get to the State Tournament.  

“I am immensely proud of us, I think our last game against Patrick Henry really showed our skill and it also showed how well we all gelled together,” says Lauren Whittaker (11).  

The team lost some key senior members last year, which has cause the Titans to significantly change their playing style and personnel. Although the team’s playing style has significantly changed, the girls still believe they will have fun and have a great season.

Shae Torrance (11) says, “Seeing all the girls from JV step up to varsity makes me immensely proud, this season will surely be a good one.”  

This season is the first time in two years that the team has played without covid restrictions. The team thinks they are going to have an even stronger season than they did last year. Shae believes that their defense has greatly improved.

“It has been different since Cam Davenport (2022 Graduate) left; she was a big power hitter for us, so we are not as big as we used to be. Defensively we are just as good honestly, we are even better than before. We get balls up even better than before,” says Shae. 

The 2022 season for the girls’ volleyball team is looking great for the Lady Titans. The ladies undefeated start to the season is a step in the right direction towards a state title.