The Tide Rolls Over Utah State

Bryce Young Making Magic

Bryce Young Making Magic

Sophie Wright, Reporter

At seven-thirty pm on September 3rd at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Utah State faced the well-known champions of the University of Alabama in a football game. They crushed Utah State, winning the game 55-0.

Alabama is known for being one of the best football teams under the famous Coach Nick Saban. Bryce Young was also a returning quarterback who shows promise, and when there was 13:28 left in the 2nd quarter, he gained a lot of yards by running and even lost his shoe. When asked about Bryce Young, Hunter stated that he is “Calm, cool, and collected.” Bryce Young knows the game and how to read it.

Worth Paisley (11) went on to say for the rest of the Alabama season that “I think that they will go 11-1, then lose the SEC champ game to UGA, and miss the playoff barely.” He is not a fan of Alabama football, and cheers for UVA.

Alabama looks to have another fairly successful season of football. Together, Bryce Young and his team hope to win the future football games, allowing Coach Nick Saban to add another victory under his belt