Brittney Griner Arrest

Brittney Griner Arrest

Jayden Smiley, Reporter

This past month WNBA Super-Star Brittney Griner has been arrested in a Russian Airport for the possession of cannabis vape cartridges. Russia has confirmed that her release will be on May 19, almost 3 months after her initial arrest.

Brittney had been playing in an overseas league and got caught with something at the worst time possible. The conflict with Russia and Ukraine set up possibly the worst situation to be arrested in. An early release or negotiations of bail were most likely not possible in her case. U.S embassy workers were permitted to visit her to check on her condition. Her only big complaints seemed to be the size of the bed she had to sleep on, being six-foot-nine.

Some argue that her release was not prioritized as much as it should have been. A few years ago, popular artist A$AP Rocky was arrested for battering a man in Sweden. He was held in jail and was bailed out by Former-President Trump. Comparing the two, some conclude that Griner had not been prioritized due to Gender. The WNBA blames the wage gap between NBA and themselves arguing that Griner would not have been in this situation if she had been paid well in the States.

Griner simply was caught doing something she shouldn’t do at a very unlucky point in time. If she frequents this overseas league this is possibly not the first time that she has brought something like that with her. Russia being in an international conflict would naturally increase their airport security. Griner will return next month and hopefully be in health to play in the next WNBA season.