2022 NFL Combine


Chris Barnes

This year’s NFL combine proved to be very exciting. We almost saw a new record set for the 40-yard dash with Kalon Barnes, cornerback from Baylor, running a 4.23. The current record held by John Ross is 4.22. Many others showed their tremendous speed with this year’s combine being the some of the fastest times we have seen in over a decade. Tyriq Woolen, a 6’3, 203 lbs. cornerback from UTSA, ran a 4.26, which is an incredible time at that size. “I would love to see the Ravens draft him with their second-round pick if he is available, he could fill a big hole in our hurt secondary,” said Ashton Carroll (12).

Many of the athletes that were invited to the combine are from smaller or not well-known schools, so the combine is a big way to show teams their skills. “It really comes down to the players fundamentals and football IQ in these drills that get them their recognition” says Coach Weaver, the football coach at Hidden Valley.

These prospects have just as much hype as previous prospects did after their display at this year’s combine. After the draft, we can see how these players transition from college to the pros.