March Madness

The madness has only begun!

The madness has only begun!

Carson Wood, Staff Reporter

March 17th marked the start of the madness in the basketball world. Across the U.S, 64 college teams will be selected to compete and decide the Champion of the 2021-2022 NCAA Men’s Basketball season. Though it’s only just the start of the Sweet 16, there has been no shortage of upsets, blowouts, and madness thus far.

The four 1-seeds entering this years tournament were Baylor, Arizona, Kansas, and the Gonzaga Bulldogs. Three of these times were lucky enough to survive and advance into the Sweet 16 but the Baylor Bears were not so lucky as they ran into the upset-minded 8-seeded North Carolina Tarheels. The Bears stormed back after being down 20+ throughout the second half to force overtime but fell just short in the end.

“Out of all the 1 seeds in the tournament I feel like Gonzaga probably has the best chance to make it to the Final 4 and Baylor is most likely to lose early”, said Graydon Bartlett (12).

However, Baylor’s Round of 32 loss doesn’t even compare to the biggest upset in the tournament this far. The 2-seeded Kentucky Wildcats were hopeful for another title run in a winnable portion of the bracket, that was until they saw themselves in a dog fight with the 15-seeded St Peter’s Peacocks. The Peacocks stunned the basketball world and knocked off the Wildcats in OT to advance to the Round of 32. Adding on, the Peacocks showed that their first game of the tournament wasn’t a fluke after they handled Murray State in the Round of 32 and secured a spot into the Sweet 16 and they are now only the 3rd team in tournament history to make it to the Sweet 16 as a 15-seed.

“Out of all the 2 v 15 seed games I honestly thought that this was the least likely upset. I actually had Kentucky going to the Final 4 so it’s wild how random this tournament can be”, said Julian Shellnutt (12).

These weren’t the only upsets thought as other notable ones consist of 12-seeded New Mexico St. over 5-seeded Uconn, 12-seeded Richmond over 5-seeded Iowa, 10-seeded Miami over 2-seeded Auburn, and 11-seed Iowa State over 3-seeded Wisconsin.

It’s inevitable that more upsets will happen throughout the rest of the tournament so it’ll be interesting to see who survives in the end.