Evander Kane, The Problem Child


Jacob Sloan, Reporter

Evander Kane has recently been in some major controversies with the National Hockey league. Per the NHL, Evander has been accused of betting on San Jose Sharks games during the 2020-21 season for own personal gain. He vehemently denied these allegations saying “I have never gambled/bet on Hockey, never gambled/bet on a Sharks game, never gambled/bet on any of my games and never thrown a hockey game.” He later stated that he just happened to be having one of his best seasons and that he was finally being consistent again. “Gambling is worse for sports athletes for a couple of reasons. First, they have much more money than you, the average person or I, and they can afford to take a risk. They have so much adrenaline for sports and that affects their wanting to gamble. It’s kind of a ‘rush’ for them most likely,” said Randy Hawley “local resident” 

According to multiple reports, the 30-year-old forward was investigated for an allegation that he submitted a fake vaccination card to the Sharks and the NHL. Kane was later suspended in October after the Department of Player Safety found that the allegations were true. He was later suspended 21 games without pay. As of now, he has been sent down to the Minors to find his game so that he may be traded or rejoin the team later. In the NHL, when things like using a fake vaccination card happen and players lie about it, they are going to get a harsh punishment. Mr. Schmitt, a teacher here at Hidden Valley, encourages the NHL to look to other professional sports to help improve guidelines for dealing with future issues like the ones with Evander Kane. “I think the NHL can look to other professional sports as a guideline of what should be done to this player. For the vaccination issue, you can site the NFL for recent cases of what they have done to their players for committing the same or similar offense. As far as the gambling, you can look to the MLB and see what has happened to a player like Pete Rose. “Like other hockey fans, Randy Hawley believes “He deserved to have a harsh punishment for lying about his vaccination. That is serious. I hope it sets a precedent for other athletes.” 

Despite his recent controversies, Mr. Schmitt believes “Kane will be trusted by his teammates wherever he may go. They use a separate set of standards In the NHL on which they judge a fellow teammate. I do not know if he will be trusted by the fans. Players like Aaron Rogers and Antonio Brown seem to be getting a fair bit of backlash from the fans.”