Hidden Valley Wrestling


The annual Titan Toughman wrestling tournament.

Grayson Odenwelder, Reporter

As the Hidden Valley Titans Fall Sports season concludes, the Winter Sports are underway. Wrestling is one team which Titan fans should watch this season.   

Senior standout JB Dragovich is excited about the upcoming season, “I am feeling confident in us as a team and myself as a wrestler, we have been practicing hard.”  

The Titans have had anything but an ordinary season since COVID began. Losing a few key members throughout the years has not helped, but the Titans keep on practicing hard to make the most out of their season.  

Dragovich still feels confident, despite the impact COVID and departures have had on the team, “I wouldn’t say it is very different, we lost a few key members like Ashton Carroll, but other than that, we have had a lot of returners.” 

Another wrestler that is extremely excited about the 2022 season is Cole Jarrett (12), who has been a wrestler since middle school, “I think this year is going to be a good season, we have started to practice, and I think that we will do good this year.”  

Both wrestlers are hoping for a successful season. “It would be cool to be able to do good in all my tournaments and in states; hopefully, I can make it that far,” said Dragovich.  Jarrett in his more focused on his off-season adjustments, “I feel like my biggest improvement is being agile and being able to get around my opponent.”  

The Titans have been practicing hard, and they are excited to hit the mat, come support them as they kick off the season at Titan Toughman this Friday, December 10.