Outrunning the Weather

Outrunning the Weather

Chloe Shearer, Staff Reporter

One of the biggest struggles for runners is running in the cold. The cold air seems to scratch your throat and you just can’t lose the chill. Well, I’m here to be your savior. For all you runners out there, this is a guide on how to run when it is very chilly outside.

One of the easiest ways to cope with winter is to avoid it all-together. Running on a treadmill is a great idea to still work out and avoid frigid temperatures. Treadmills can track your distance and pace just like any app on your phone, as well as leading you on guided runs.

If you aren’t a treadmill person, clothing is crucial. Sophomore Leilani Keele says, “Don’t worry about it because you’ll warm up quick.” While this is true, there are ways to make the initial bite less miserable.

Wearing a light jacket with long pants is perfect. You want to dress so that when you start running you feel cold, but as you run you will slowly warm up. I recommend wearing a light jacket and workout pants when weather is in the 50s. You may feel cold to start, but your body will warm up as you run. If you have trouble with cold hands, you can always wear gloves. Hot hands can be added if you’re still feeling cold.

You can also try warming up pre-run. A few high-knees or lunges can warm your body enough to make the cold tolerable.

Lastly, I’d end my run with a hot shower. Not only does it relax those exhausted muscles, but it also warms you right up. There’s no perfect way to beat the cold, sometimes you just must tackle it. I wish you luck, all my runners!