Hidden Valley Golf Advances to State Tournament


Seen: Harrison Whithers, Slade Aliff, Tanner Whitley, and Richard Harpp

Grayson Odenwelder, Reporter

Starting on October 11, 2021, the Hidden Valley High School Golf team will be playing in the state tournament located in Abbington, Virginia. The golf team consists of 6 members, 5 of them are seniors, Harrison Withers, Graydon Bartlett, Slade Aliff, Tanner Whitley, and Emmerson Bartley, the last member of the golf team is Richard Harpp, he is a sophomore. The state tournament was held in Abbington, Virginia on Monday, October 13, 2021. When asked about the state tournament and how he felt going into the tournament, “Since I have been to the state tournament 3 time before, it felt like any other match, I try not to get myself to worked up before hand, so I am able to play to the best of my ability.” When he was asked about how he prepared for the tournament he said, “I like to listen to music, it calms my mind. I have been playing golf since I was a kid, so the game comes naturally to me, I just focus on my shot form and go out and try my hardest.” The final question that was asked was about what he thinks about before he takes a shot, here is what he had to say, “I try to keep my mind clear before taking a shot, if I think too much of it, I could potentially mess up, which could cost the team and I points, so I keep my head clear. Another member of the golf team that was interviewed was Tanner Whitley, he has been a member of the golf team for 4 years, making the state tournament for 2 of those years. The first question that was asked was if he ever got nervous before the state tournament, his response was, “A little bit, I think every athlete gets the pre-game jitters before a big game or match, so I get a little nervous, but I try not to think about it.” The next question was about his feelings towards winning the state tournament, he said “It is a pretty cool idea to win the state tournament, every athlete wishes to know what its like to play in it, let alone be able to win. I like the idea of the team’s name going on the wall and seeing my name apart of that group. The final question that was asked was what he does before he plays in a big tournament, this is what he said, “I don’t think to much of it, I know that our team is great and I trust every one of our members to do there best, I like to keep my head calm so I am able to shoot the best shot that I can, and hopefully help my team in the long run”.