Messi and Ronaldo Transfers

Messi joining PSG

Messi joining PSG

Rita Faltas, Staff Reporter

The European transfer season have shocked the world this year. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, the top two soccer stars, transfers may have modified the landscape of European soccer, “This year’s transfers season was a lot to handle for all soccer fans, two of the best players left good clubs”, said Cristofer Diaz (11th grade). Messi’s move to Paris Saint-Germain and Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United might have been big moves, but will that change anything?

After so many years Manchester United may finally be equipped to challenge their crosstown rival, Manchester City. And PSG may also have a chance at a Champions League title they’ve been trying to get for years, “Messi going to PSG is going to make the club a super team”, said Cristofer Diaz. PSG has reported that the transfer of Messi was the biggest move during this season despite Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United. Also, will the reunion of Messi and Neymar, be a game changer?

Messi’s new contract is for 2 years plus a third option year. His new contact will pay him about 35 million euros a season, or about $41 million, big numbers yes, but much less than he was earning at Barcelona. While Ronaldo would make around $27 million per season in a two-year contract with Manchester United.

With these two transfers, everything will change this season. We will get more games with both players and more excitement to the game. With the season kicking off and a lot of new transfer and chances for teams for the title, the biggest question remains who will win?