Hidden Valley vs. Cave Spring


Hidden Valley beats Cave Spring 14-12 in first high school football matchup of the season.

Grayson Odenwelder, staff reporter

Friday night high school football is underway, playing the first game of the season, the Hidden Valley Titans faced off against the Cave Spring Knights. In the past year, the Titans lost to Cave Spring for the first time in over a decade. In an interview with Sam Dragovich and Coach Scott Weaver, we were able to get an inside look into what it felt like to beat Cave Spring and bring home the trophy. During the interview, we asked Sam a few questions about the game, here are his responses, “It felt great to beat Cave Spring, after losing last time and not having fans to watch us, to me it was very important to win this game, not only for the trophy but for our fans.” When asked about key components to winning the game, this is what Sam had to say, “The main thing that helped us win was practicing hard every day, going over plays, and mentally preparing for the game ahead of us, if we as a team didn’t do that, the outcome could’ve been very different. Finally, when he was asked about how he felt towards the end of the game, here is what he had to say, “I was getting a little nervous when Cave started their comeback, but I trusted our defense and I was preparing for going back onto the field if they did tie the game.” I also interviewed Head Coach, Scott Weaver, I asked him a few questions following the game against Cave. The first question I asked was how he felt about beating Cave Spring. “It felt great to win against Cave, I think after losing last year, many of our players took it personally, they practiced hard and trained every day, and they looked great out on the field.” I then asked about how he felt towards the end of the game, “I wouldn’t say I was nervous, I had faith in the play-calling and in the boys on the field.” The final question that I asked Coach Weaver was about what he thought helped them win the game, “ the main factor in us winning was practicing plays over and over again, making sure they were near perfection, we pushed our guys to be better each and every day, so when game time came around, they were prepared to play.”