B.S. on National Television


Bishop Sycamore Head Coach Roy Johnson

Carson Wood, Staff Reporter

On August 29th, the prestigious IMG Academy traveled to Canton, Ohio, to take Bishop Sycamore and what they thought was a talented team littered with Division one athletes. However, this was not the case, it is said that Bishop Sycamore’s Head Coach, Roy Johnson, lied to ESPN in order to get onto national Television.

With Bishop Sycamore now exposed, it makes you wonder how and if Bishop Sycamore should even be

“If they were a decent team, I think they should be punished, but since they are bad, I don’t really think they should be punished,” said Tanner Whitely (12).

Even during the game, it was easy to see just how outmatched Bishop Sycamore was. Even the announcers began to question the legitimacy of the school as they were never even given an official roster with the players names from Bishop Sycamore.

“ESPN should monitor these scandals much more closely to avoid something like this from happening again,” said Lewis Mowles (12).

It’ll be interesting to see how Bishop Sycamore and future scandals such as this one will be handled.