Super Bowl LV

Super Bowl LV

Jayden Smiley, Reporter

Super Bowl LV is the Fifty-fifth consecutive NFL championship that’s been annually since 1967. This year reigning champs Kansas City Chiefs are against the not-so underdogs Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With Covid-19 still being a global problem it’s nice to see that the Super Bowl was not skipped this year.

The game took place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. Although not a very impressive record, this Super Bowl had the least amount of attendance with only 25,000 fans being allowed in the stadium. The Chiefs entered this game favored to win, but they were undone by costly offensive struggles and penalties that lost them a total of around 120 yards. Patrick Mahomes the quarterback for the Chiefs was struggling to keep the offence going. Ultimately, he couldn’t get a single touchdown and had all their points in field goals. This makes them the third team in history to not score a touchdown in a Super Bowl game. The Buccaneers offense led by veteran and former quarterback for the New England Patriots Tom Brady, scored in the thirties more than tripling the score of the Chiefs. This was Tom Brady’s seventh Super Bowl win.

The Halftime show this year was led by The Weeknd in a very visually appealing performance. It was reported that The Weeknd spent over 7 million in his own money on the show while also not being paid for his performance but gaining publicity in the process. This years Super Bowl was lacking in commercials with big companies like Coke and Budweiser skipping advertising this year due to Covid-19.

Another year and another Super Bowl has passed, NFL fans across the nation are all waiting patiently for the next season to start, hopefully without the limitations that Covid-19 caused.