Playing It Safe

Playing It Safe

Sarah Arner, Reporter

Athletes at Hidden Valley High School may decide not to play this 2020 – 21 season due to COVID -19 safety concerns. Some students may feel it is best not to play at all because they do not want to get themselves or their families sick. Others believe it is safe as long as the proper precautions are in place.

Sports are important to some people and they still want to play so they can do something they enjoy, see their friends, and get daily exercise. Courtney Monard (9) said, “I have previously played soccer for the school, and I am planning on playing soccer this year as well.”

Several individuals want safety precautions to be put in place while they play in order to reduce the chance of them or their loved ones getting ill. Mati Rogers (9) stated, “I do plan on playing sports, but I plan on wearing a mask, sanitizing often, and social distancing as much as I can.”

We are lucky that certain guidelines are able to be followed, so we can still play sports. Mati Rogers commented, “I think that we reduce the chance of catching and spreading COVID-19 if we take precautions and make sure every player or coach is following those precautions.”

Courtney stated, “Wearing masks during practice is important to decrease the chance of getting sick.” Wearing a mask can be difficult when exercising, but if you practice wearing one, you will hopefully get used to it. She continued, “It will also help people get used to wearing it in practice so they will be able to wear it constantly and properly during a game.”

Another safety precaution that is hard to follow when playing sports, especially in teams, is social distancing. Courtney commented, “Practicing with one team is already risky and you are opening up your circle of people by a lot.” She continued by saying, “By playing other teams you are exposing yourself to their team and anyone they have been around.” Despite some of her concerns, Courtney stated, “I do think the risk may be worth it to be able to play sports.”

All in all, students that are dedicated and ready to play sports will find a way to play through this pandemic, while those that are too concerned with the risks have the choice not to play school sports this year. Whichever people choose, hopefully they will be able to stay safe and have fun.