Pittsburgh Steelers 2020-2021 Season



Madeline Hippeard, Sports Editor

The Pittsburgh Steelers just finished an amazing season 12-4, ending with a defeat against the Browns for a Wild Card PlayOff spot. During the beginning of the season, the Steelers went 11-0 until Week 12 when the Washington Football team finally put a stop to their winning streak.

“The Steelers had a lot of injuries and patches that needed to be worked out” Dwayne Alterio (Girls’ Basketball Coach) replied when asked if he was shocked to see the Steelers lose after 11 consecutive wins. Similarly, Olivia Forth (freshman) was also not shocked at the Steelers’ loss claiming, “there are two or more teams in our division that are better.” When asked about the shock factor of the Steelers’ loss, it was the team (Washington Football Team) they lost to that shocked both Dwayne and Olivia the most, not the fact that the loss happened. “It was an expected loss, and I believe the team needed it to happen” Dwayne Alterio.

Moreover, both Dwayne and Olivia had doubts about the Steelers going to the Super Bowl; both of their doubts coming true when the Steelers lost the Wild Card Spot to the Browns. Now, it is unclear who will win the Super Bowl this year. With most of the fan favorite teams eliminated, it’s hard to tell what will happen. As always, the season continues to get crazier, but the NFL is doing all it can to keep fans across the world entertained during these hard times.