San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers


Madeline Hippeard, Sports Editor

On Thursday November 5, the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers met at Levi’s Stadium for a rematch of last year’s NFC Championship game. Last year, the 49ers blew Green Bay out of the water with a score of 37-8, allowing them to progress to Super Bowl LIV; in which they ultimately lost to the Kansas City Chiefs by the score 20-31.

This year, the two teams met in week twelve of the NFL regular season. However, this was not the game many fans were expecting. Part of the reason for this is how the two teams have changed from the last time they played each other. The 49ers lost many players to free agency, injury, and of course COVID-19. Similarly, the Packers have also lost some players to illness and injury. “I think that’s the beauty in this league, it’s ever-changing and there’s different challenges to be attacked every single week. Some of it’s based on the opponent you’re going against. Some of it’s based on your own personnel being in or out.” (Aaron Rogers, Green Bay quarterback).

The game itself ended with a Packers victory by a score of 34-17. The Packers gained the lead in the first quarter, and the 49ers never recovered.  “I told our guys that going into these types of games we know that the ball was going to be a big part of whoever was going to win this game, and we didn’t win the turnover margin” (Matt LeFleur, 49ers Head Coach).

Both teams remain hopeful about their chances to go to the Super Bowl this year, despite these unprecedented times. However, the regular season continues to throw surprise after surprise, making it hard to guess which two teams will be battling it out in Super Bowl LV.