Impact of NFL Game Cancellations

The Steelers are now 8-0.

The Steelers are now 8-0.

Graydon Bartlett, Reporter

So far this year, the NFL has had several issues stemming from the Coronavirus, leading to game cancelations and various players sitting out of contests due to either contraction or contact tracing.


Some examples of cancelations are the Tennessee Titans vs Pittsburgh Steelers. Not only does the rise in Covid cases effect the team with the Covid cases, but it also impacts the team they were supposed to play. The Steelers were planning on playing their game the whole week before it was canceled. The game being canceled due to the Titans shutdown caused the Steelers to have their bye week changed.


During a bye week teams usually have time to relax and reset mentally before starting to work hard again and push for the playoffs. The Steelers received a much earlier bye week, which could hurt them later in the season.


The game being canceled also impacts many Fantasy Football players around the country. Fantasy Football might be the only reason some people watch the NFL. For a game to be canceled with stars such as Derrick Henry and JuJu Smith-Schuster set to play can be devastating for many peoples fantasy teams that week.


Richard Shellnutt (11) said, “The game cancelations have caused people to have change their starting lineups at the last minute and lose games.”


These loses go beyond just a game, as the NFL and Fantasy Football are widely bet on across the world.  As such, many are losing games, but taking a hit to their pocketbook at the same time.