HVHS E-Sports

HVHS E-Sports

Jayden Smiley, Reporter

E-sports is the competitive play of video games that has been around since 1971 and had a booming popularity in the 2010’s. Schools around the country including our own have started forming their own E-sports teams.

Although relatively new, gaming in general has become one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment in the world.

E-Sports really took off after the success of first-person shooting games such as the Counter-Strike: Global Offence and Team Fortress games becoming popular in 2010. First-person shooters are not the only type of game played in E-Sports though. Fighting games such as Marvel vs. Capcom, Super Smash Brothers, and the Street Fighter series are all widely popular with long term fans of the series and with people just getting into the genre. Sport games such as Rocket League, Madden, and NBA 2k are all widely popular along with games in the online battle arena genre that include League of Legends, Dota 2, and Smite.

The Hidden Valley E-Sports team which was started in the Spring of 2019 consists of three different teams, two different Rocket League teams and one Smite team. The first Rocket League roster or team A has Bryan and Marcio Rodriguez, Michael Neal, and Nathan Brewer. Team B has Nick Stewart as the captain of the team, Bryson Henderson, and Sam Stewart. Finally, the Smite team which has John Trevino, Emran Habib, Nihal Sageer, and Lane Martin. Led by their coach Dr. Spence all three teams are actively competing online with other teams around the country. The Rocket League teams have already played a variety of different teams from other schools in the valley to schools in other states including Georgia and Connecticut. As of late 2020 the Hidden Valley E-Sports team is currently in the same position our lacrosse team was in a few years ago. It is only officially recognized by the school as a club. That doesn’t mean that there are no opportunities for the players on the team.

“There is money, the team captain of Byrd last year got a scholarship for E-Sports last year. College level schools are spending more to make their program as best as possible,” said coach of the team Dr. Spence.

E-Sports in schools is still a new concept that is still in development and is still growing with lots of teams just getting started and others having budgets for professional equipment. With E-Sports becoming more common throughout schools hopefully more people will draw an interest to these enticing sports.