A Covid MLB Season

The Dodgers won their first World Series in over 30 years.

The Dodgers won their first World Series in over 30 years.

Philip Smith, Editor-in-Chief

The Major League Baseball season was in danger of not being completed due to several issues throughout

the year. It had trouble launching because the players and owners could not agree on how they should be

compensated, and then multiple Covid-19 outbreaks shutdown several teams for extended periods of time.

But here we are now, 16 teams, spread all across the country, who will be competing in the Major League

Baseball playoffs this fall, starting September 29, and continuing until late October.

During the season, ownership and the MLBPA decided to expand the playoffs, so 16 teams made the

playoffs instead of 10. The top 2 teams from each division made it in each league, as well

as 2 more teams with the best remaining record.

The first round of the playoffs was best 2 out of 3, with the team with the higher record hosting. In this

round, in the National League, the Dodgers defeated the Brewers, the Padres defeated the Cardinals, the

Marlins defeated the Cubs, the Braves beat the Reds. In the American League ,the Rays beat the Blue Jays,

the Yankees beat the Indians, the Astros beat the Twins, and the Athletics beat the White Sox.

“I do not think that it is fair to the best teams to only play a 3-game series, they should have a bye or at

least play a 5 games series,” said Sam Purviance (11).

The next series was the Divisional series, and this time the series was best of 5. The Dodgers played the

Padres, and they swept them easily. The Braves also swept the Marlins, shutting them out twice. In the

American League, the Rays defeated the Yankees, winning by 1 run in game 5. The Astros handled the

Athletics in 4 games.

“It was interesting the difference between the way managers would handle the games with no days off in

the series, and I think it changed the outcomes of certain games,” said Grayson Odenwelder (11).

Next up was the Championship series, with the Rays squaring off against the Astros, and the Braves facing

the Dodgers. The Rays got out to a huge lead, leading 3 games to 0, then squandering it, becoming the

second team to let a series get to 3-3 after it being 3-0. They came in clutch though, winning game 7 to

move on to the World Series. The Braves also got out to a large lead in a series, up 2 games to none and

then 3 games to 1. In Game 3, the Dodgers slaughtered the Braves, putting up 11 runs in the first inning.

The Braves bounced back and won game 4, but then choked the series, losing the next three games. The

Dodgers advanced to the World Series.

In the World Series, the Rays and Dodgers battled it out for six games. The Dodgers took the lead in the series after taking game one, but the Rays bounced back and tied it. The next game the Dodgers won, but the Rays came back and tied it again, winning on a dramatic walk-off hit that included two errors and a stumbling base runner for the  final run. The Dodgers would close it out though, winning the final two games of the series to take home the World Series for the first time since 1988.