Soccer Leaving America


Rita Faltas, Reporter

The USA women’s national soccer team has had some of the best women soccer players, but during the pandemic a lot of them have left to play for Europe. That includes Alex Morgan, Rose Lavell, Ali Krieger, and more. Why are all of the best American players leaving to play for European teams?

Some might say that COVID is the reason. US teams have not had their normal season because of the pandemic. Some of the players had to leave to find other teams whose season weren’t as affected as teams in the US. Players are concerned that life won’t go back to normal soon in the US. By losing that many players the USA team might not have as much of a chance to win this year. Most of the players have a signed a one-year contract, but are they willing to come back or are they extending their stay with their new team?

“Calling it a mass exodus of USWNT stars out of the National Women’s Soccer League wouldn’t necessarily be wrong. More accurately, it’s an exodus from the United States, where the COVID-19 pandemic is still not under control”, Yahoo Sports reported.

“It all happened so fast,” said Alex Morgan in one of her interviews, Team USA’s former forward. She has transferred to play for Tottenham as their new forward just in the last 48 hours of the open window to transfer. Morgan hasn’t played since she gave birth to her daughter. And when she found out that the USA team isn’t having a full season, she made the decision to transfer to a different team seeking to have more time to practice and play.

“Whatever U.S. leagues are doing, it’s a far cry from the English Premier League, which finished its season last month,” Yahoo Sports reported.

The Europeans had finished their season despite of the pandemic that had stopped USA league. Also, they have started train for games for the next season. The Premier League is doing all they could to prevent the spread of COVID and keep the season on. They have followed the governments order on keeping number of people at training, lockers, etc.

Everyone is hoping that the problem with COVID will end soon so that all sports’ seasons in the US can go back to normal, and athletes can go back to playing and the stadiums could be full again.