Pro Bowl

Pro Bowl

Jayden Smiley, Reporter

The Pro Bowl has been a staple of the NFL since its introduction in 1939. The game itself is made of two teams, one from AFC and the other from NFC. These teams are made up of the best players that form an all-star team, hence the name Pro Bowl.

This year the game was held in Miami on January the 26th. What makes the Pro Bowl different than just having lots of top players participate is that fans have the power to vote for who gets to join in. The AFC was represent by lots of popular players such as Patrick Mahomes who later won the Super Bowl a week after, Lamar Jackson who was named MVP by the NFL, Von Miller and many other players. The NFC also had stellar players such as Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Julio Jones. The AFC took the game 38-33 in a close game. The AFC had a lead for most of the game of about seven points. The NFC eventually closed the gap and took the lead in the third. AFC kept their lead by the fourth and won the title of 2020 Pro Bowl Champions.

“I was sad to see the NFC lose, I thought they could do a lot better if Christian Mcaffery and Luke Keuchly took the offer, as a Panthers fan it was disappointing to not see them play” said Sam Dragovich (10).

Along with the main game itself, lots of players participate in mini games such as obstacle courses, dodge ball, precision throwing, and relay races. Teams were split up by conference and played to represent. During the Pro Bowl multiple memorials and moments of silence were held for NBA super star Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna who died in a helicopter crash the same day. After Pro Bowl comes the biggest game of the year the Super Bowl. The Chiefs took the game with an explosive come-back in the fourth quarter making this their first Super Bowl win since 1970.