Messi v. Ronaldo


Rita Faltas, Reporter

Lionel Messi, and Argentinian soccer player and Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese soccer player are currently two of the most talented soccer players in the world, but who is the best?

The rivalry has been going on for years between the two players, but mostly the rivalry is between the fans. The players are both great, but they’re different and one is better than the other in certain areas.

Messi is a better dribbler of the ball and has better vision. Both players are amazing goal scorers, but Ronaldo’s heading ability is far superior. Both players have won many awards, for example The Ballon d’Or of which Messi has won 6 times, compared to Ronaldo’s 5.

However, during games Ronaldo tend to be selfish with the ball. He puts a lot of power into every kick, but he isn’t a team player. Messi, on the other hand, is astonishing. There is no one like him. What he does on the field leaves everyone in awe. Messi can get past three defenders without a problem, he can see a pass like no one else. He gets tackled to the ground and still gets up again and keeps going. He creates chances for his teammates, and he scores unbelievable goals.

Even though both players have aged and probably are in the twilight of their careers, they have boosted the popularity of soccer around the world. However, one has done it with better style.