Disinterest in high school sports hits HV’s Indoor Track hard

Disinterest in high school sports hits HV's Indoor Track hard

Ava Wagner, Editor-in-Chief

In the past, Hidden Valley High School’s Indoor Track team has had as high as forty-five members, but for the 2019-2020 season the numbers have plummeted.

Indoor track is not only a competitive sport, but is also used often as a sport to train for other sports. Coach King also believes that people choose to do Indoor Track due to his “glowing personality.” This year, though, only four athletes were interested.

“Last year we had fifteen runners, but we typically average between thirty and thirty-five,” said Coach Dan King, coach of Cross Country, Indoor Track, and Outdoor Track at Hidden Valley High School.

In previous years the team has had several distance runners participate, but many chose to take the Indoor season off this year. Part of the reason for this change is that many Cross Country runners felt burned out from the season. Often, distance runners will encourage their other friends to join Indoor Track, which did not happen this year.

“We had quite a few injuries and illnesses by the end of the Cross Country season, so I think people decided to take a break,” said Coach King.

Throughout the last several years, the school has lost a significant amount of students. Other sports are also struggling to keep their participation up. Many factors are affected when numbers drop school wide, athletic participation being a large one.

“Our numbers are down in the program because they are also down in the school,” said Coach King.

Despite the decreased interest in the program, Coach King believes they will still be successful in the season. He has already had one out of the four athletes qualify for the state championships.

“Everybody is working hard and I know they will all have an opportunity to compete in the Region Championships,” said Coach King.