Conference championships

The Chiefs and 49ers have won their conference champions

The Chiefs and 49ers have won their conference champions

Jayden Smiley, Reporter

This past weekend the NFC and AFC semifinal games came to a foreseen conclusion. The Chiefs played the Titans, who stunned countless NFL fans by eliminating the Patriots in the wildcard round and then the Ravens in the Divisional Rounds. The 49ers and Packers played later the same day.

The Chiefs halted the Titans win streak, beating them 35-24. The Titans were looking to win with an early lead in the first half of the game, but after the half, the Chiefs played an explosive game and ended up winning. The Chiefs had a separate victory of their own, the Chiefs finally won a conference championship after around a fifty year drought from their last conference title in the sixties.

“I was disappointed to watch the Titans lose to the Chiefs, after beating the Patriots and the Ravens on the road I was hoping to see them in the Super Bowl. I honestly didn’t think they would lose to the Chiefs after beating two great teams back to back” said Julian Shellnut (10).

The 49ers and Packers played late the same Sunday and the 49ers took the NFC title with a score of 37-20. The 49ers the, dark horse of the league this year started and finished this season very strong. After a whole decade of being an average team they finally brought their A game and won the championship. They are set to play the Chiefs this Sunday in the Super Bowl.

“I was really excited to see the Packers go to the Super Bowl because after we beat the Seahawks, I had a lot of hope, but then we lost the next game and it was upsetting” said Tyler Duffy (10).

The Super bowl will be held at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami making this year its sixth time hosting a Super Bowl game. The kickoff time has been set to 6:30 p.m. and both teams have arrived and are ready to play. Even though the Super Bowl was not introduced until 1967, this year marks the one hundredth year of NFL. This year’s bowl game will definitely be one to remember.