2019 Heisman Trophy


Joe Burrow about to make a pass

Madeline Hippeard , Reporter

On December 14, 2019, LSU quarterback Joe Burrow was awarded the Heisman Trophy in New York City. The Heisman Trophy is awarded to the most outstanding college football player. In order to determine who is given the award, a committee of former Heisman winners and sports journalists across the country vote on who should receive the award. The player with the most votes wins the trophy, this year, the winner was LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, who had over 90% of the first place votes.

On Joe Burrow winning the Heisman, Coach Weaver immediately replied “Yes, he was the most outstanding player in college football this year.”

Jovan Wilson (12) agreed with Coach Weaver’s opinion of Joe Burrow, “The way Joe Burrow played this season, he had a historic season. The way he played in the BCS Bowl was outstanding, even though they (LSU) were losing to Clemson, he showed why he deserved to win the Heisman. He really showed talent and hard work ethic, plus his game was outstanding and he outplayed every team that he went up against.”

The factors mentioned by Coach Weaver and Jovan Wilson and many others, prove that Joe Burrow deserved to win the Heisman Trophy this year