NFL Thanksgiving Games

Thanksgiving game line up

Thanksgiving game line up

Jayden Smiley, Reporter

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This Thanksgiving, like every Thanksgiving since 1934, the NFL had three different games played throughout the day. This year the Bears played the Lions in Detroit, Cowboys played the Bills, and the Saints played the Falcons. Every year by tradition the Cowboys and Lions play in the Thanksgiving games. When the Lions franchise first started, they were a really small team and to gain popularity they hosted a Thanksgiving game against the possibly best team in the league at the time, the Bears. Even though they took a beating by the Bears, the tradition has continued for the Lions to play every year and by coincidence they played the Bears again this year. As for the Cowboys they did something similar to the Lions. In 1966 the Cowboys were seeking to get more popularity and played a Thanksgiving game against the Browns and since then have had a game on Thanksgiving.

The first game played was Bears and Lions who played at 12:30. Just like their first Thanksgiving game all those years ago, the Bears beat the Lions. The score was 24-20. Both teams played a good game with many different players showing their skills. Unlike most games Trubisky played a good game and had some impressive touchdown passes. Lots of fans get mad every year that the Cowboys and Lions play every year instead of other teams, especially if the two teams are not good in the season. NFL won’t break traditions and the Lions and Cowboys are set to play every coming year. The second game was played at 4:30, Buffalo Bills at Dallas Cowboys. This was a very solid game with two teams very close in rating in the NFL and skill. The Bills took the game 26-15. The last game played was on Thanksgiving night starting late in Roanoke at 8:20, Saints played the Falcons with an exciting game with the Saints taking the game 26-18. Ever since these NFL games have been played on Thanksgiving, these games have defined Thanksgiving for a lot of people as the only Thursday in the NFL with three games played.