Jayden Smiley, Reporter

Every year in the NFL the MVP award is handed out to the most outstanding and entertaining player of the year. This year the MVP race has been closer than usual with four potential candidates for the award.

As of week 12 in the NFL Lamar Jackson is the front runner of this race, Lamar first got his break last year when he came in for Joe Flacco and brought hope to the team for the playoffs. He continued with that energy in this season with his impressive team record and being the only team in the NFL to beat the Patriots. Following closely is the QB for the Seahawks, Russell Wilson. Russell has been the starter QB for the Seahawks since he was drafted in 2012 and had a Super Bowl win in his second year of playing in 2013. He has continued to show good results since and has been a good candidate in the race this year.

Also in the race, Christian McCaffrey is statistically having one of the best seasons for a running back ever. Not only is he leading the league in rushing yards, he’s also on pace to beat Chris Johnson’s all-purpose scrimmage yard record of 2,509 yards in 2009. Just recently he became the youngest player ever to receive a 99 overall rating in Madden, and just the 6th running back ever to receive such rating. The only realistic reason McCaffrey won’t win this award will be by his own team. Team success is a big factor when determining the MVP award and the Panthers have not been performing well enough this year.

The last player in the race is Aaron Rodgers from the Packers. Being drafted in 2005 he spent three years on the bench until 2008 when he was deemed the starting QB and has been starter since. He’s won a Super Bowl over the Steelers in 2010 and won the Super Bowl MVP as well.

With all these candidates picking the MVP will be very tough this year.