Mike Trout was awarded his third MVP award on November 15.

Philip Smith, Sports Editor

Every year, Major League Baseball awards the Most Valuable Player award to the most exciting and impressive player in each league, American and National.

The American League was essentially a two horse race with Mike Trout, the greatest player in baseball, and Alex Bregman, a newer rising star. Alex Bregman, a member of the Houston Astros, had a career season, setting career highs in almost every single category. Mike Trout, who already has won two MVP awards, positioned himself very well for another one, hitting a career high in home runs despite missing nearly a month due to injury. Because of his impressive power, Mike Trout won his third MVP award, edging out Alex Bregman.

In the National League, there were three main contenders; Christian Yelich, Cody Bellinger, and Anthony Rendon. Christian Yelich, who won the MVP last year, was the front runner for much of the year, along with Cody Bellinger, but Yelich broke his knee cap with a month remaining in the season, which seriously hurt his chances of winning. Cody Bellinger got off to a hot start, but slowly faded throughout the year, and Anthony Rendon really picked up at the end of the year. Still, Bellinger’s hot start was enough for him to take the MVP award, edging out Yelich and Rendon for the prestigious award.